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Media INTERVIEWS & MENTIONS interview with Chris Cillizza on presidents and opening day

(April 2021)

National Press Club Opening Day Headliners Event 

(April 2021)

Chicago Tribune: Donald Trump and other presidents involvement in sports

(September 2020)

Chuck Todd podcast: Fred Frommer on the return of baseball

(July 2020)

PBS NewsHour: Nats’ path to World Series is something to cheer for in divided D.C.

(October 2019)

NPR: D.C. Baseball's History of Heart

(October 2019)

SiriusXMFrederic J. Frommer on When Baseball Was Bigger Than Politics

(October 2019)

Wall Street Journal: Why Baseball in DC Finally Worked

(October 2019)

Wall Street Journal: Washington Fans—Old and New—Gather on the Nationals’ Stage

(October 2019)

NPR: Washington Nationals Making D.C. A Baseball Town Again 

(October 2019)

NBC 4: Homestead Grays Were DC's Dominant Baseball Team for Decades

(October 2019)

NBCNews; That Washington Nationals World Series win? Latinos helped do that

(October 2019)

AP: Trump intends to uphold tradition of presidents and baseball

(October 2019)

Fox 5 TV interview

(October 2019)

On the Hill podcast with Fox 5's Tom Fitzgerald

(October 2019)

Fox 5 TV: Interview at 2018 All-Star Game

(July 2018)

Washington Post story on Charles Krauthammer and the Washington Nationals

(June 2018)

Fifty years ago, Nats’ Opening Day was postponed after assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

(Washington Post, 2018)

At first All-Star Game in D.C. in 1937, the AL manager left every Nat on the bench

(Washington Post, 2017)

A call from JFK and a run-in with an O’s fan: Remembering Jimmy Piersall’s time in D.C.

(Washington Post, 2017)

The Unlikely Senators Who Thrilled Washington During WWII

(NPR’s “Only a Game, 2017)

Nationals Build a Contender, a Neighborhood and a Legacy

(New York Times column, Juliet Macur, 2016)


Washington: First in War, Peace and, for What It’s Worth, the N.L. East

(New York Times column, William C. Rhoden, 2015)

The Washington Senators: A Monument to Bad Management

(New York Times column, Michael Beschloss 2015)


Many local fans couldn’t watch the last Redskins-Packers playoff game in 1972

(Washington Post, 2016)

Fox 5 interview on Richard Nixon's attempt to lift NFL blackout

Ninety years ago today, the Senators clinched the pennant, and D.C. went crazy

(Washington Post, 2014)


1924: When Washington Ruled Baseball

(NPR’s “Only a Game, 2014)


Calvin Griffith once considered moving the Senators to San Francisco

(Washington Post, 2014)


Senators fan took an effigy to Baltimore to irritate Rangers owner Bob Short in 1972

(Washington Post, 2014)


Book Delves into history of baseball in DC

(, 2013)

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